Negin Rangobouy Company


Negin Rangobouy Company was established in 1992 and started its activities in the field of import and supply of goods in Chabahar Free Zone.

After the successes in the field of cosmetics, as the first importer of these products in Chabahar free zone, it was decided to set up a production unit. After conducting research and passing specialized and educational courses in European countries and obtaining official documents, set up a production unit in the Chabahar Free Zone.

About us

After going through the administrative steps and checking the situation, on a land with an area of ​​1260 square meters in the industrial hub, we started to build a shed in the dimensions of 650 square meters with all sanitary facilities and international standards of beauty units. Next to it, an office section with an area of ​​150 meters and a very modern microbial and chemical laboratory which is unique in the free zone, were built and in November 1999, this unit was put into operation.After receiving the necessary permits, this factory with a production capacity of 500,000 pieces of body deodorant spray puffs started working in one work shift with 15 personnel. In less than a year, this amount has reached 1,500,000 puke per year, which was produced in various fragrances and packages and was offered to the domestic and foreign consumer markets.After gaining experiences and the market for the consumption of cosmetic products, he set up production lines for other cosmetic products, including perfumes, colognes, hair gels, various health creams, hair dyes, and …, all of them are registered in the exploitation license and each of them has been produced and supplied in the amount of 500,000 units. At present, over 50 perfume items with different fragrances are produced and 1,000,000 bottles are produced annually and offered to different markets. This amount of production has created employment of at least 50 people per shift, however, in the plan to expand production, the amount of employment has been between 80 to 100 people and over 10,000,000 types of cosmetics were produced. This is an excellent statistic in the country and the conditions for export to neighboring countries have been created and prevent the import of low-quality products that have entered the country from smuggling bases.

Brand introduction

Rangobouy Company, with 25 years of experience in the production of cosmetics, started importing professionally in the perfume and cologne industry in line with the world standard in 2006.

Seduce aims to provide durable products in accordance with the standards and quality of the world at a reasonable price worthy of our dear compatriots.

In order to achieve its goals, Seduce took its products from the beginning, based on extensive knowledge and research in leading countries with science and technology in the perfume industry, such as France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Products of Seduce, Dena and Gorges brands

Seduce, Dena, Gorges brands in the form of Eau de Perfume

, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne perfumes under the license of France, using the scent and essence of natural flowers and fruits, and to combine suitable scents from the highest technologies, science and the most creative and top designs. Is used.

All product-related matters, including brand and glass design and the selection of fragrances and their combinations, are done exclusively in specialized laboratories. Implement and make each of these eau de Perfume, it has been months of unremitting efforts to reach the final stage and reach the final production stage. Seduce products are available in different scents such as warm, sour, sweet, bitter, cold and mild,… and in wooden, floral, fruity and… categories.Another service that Seduce Company has done to satisfy our dear compatriots is to be inspired by the world’s popular fragrances and to produce in volumes of 100, 35 and 30 ml for more choice in shopping So that every Iranian in every stratum can easily use the most popular fragrances in the world with an affordable price, easy access and with the highest quality and durability. These products have a unique quality in the distribution and durability of their fragrances and placed next to the manufacturers and big brands of the perfume and cologne industry in the world.

Business partners of Negin Rangobouy Company


Managing Director

Kianoosh Rangobouy, Founder of Negin Rangobouy Co

Mr. Kianoosh Rangobouy was born in August 1971. He graduated from Sharif University with a bachelor’s degree in applied chemistry. According to his academic learnings and the study of the needs of the society, he entered the labor market and set up and established a cosmetic factory in the Chabahar Free Zone. The first product of the company, which was deodorant spray, entered the domestic market in 2000, which was well received by the public. It was recognized as the first deodorant spray manufacturer in Iran, and then exported to Central Asian and Persian Gulf countries. Until he decided to enter this field completely professionally due to his great interest in fragrances and perfumes.In September 2006, he started his research trips to countries with the knowledge and technology of this product, such as France for essential oils and fragrances, and Italy, Spain and Germany for glass, pumps and perfume production machines.

In this regard, after conducting detailed research and in order to complete the process of producing various perfumes, he left for Grasse, France, in 2008, and attended the aromatherapy and formulation course of the great company Jean Neil, and after completing the professional courses of that company succeeded in obtaining the perfumer certificate and its license.

It is necessary to explain that all stages of production of the company’s products, including brand and glass design and selection of fragrances and its combinations are the responsibility of the management and to produce each of these eau de perfumes, months of unremitting efforts have been made to reach the final production stage.